Hand Forged Knives by Dao Vua

Dao Vua are a multi-generation (since 1288) Vietnamese blacksmith family named Nhat. Based in Hanoi, a handful of bladesmiths hand-forge simple, but beautiful knives of various styles. These knives are building a reputation around the world due to the traditional methods used to forge the knives and the excellent quality of the blades themselves.

The blades are made from old automotive (in some cases military) leaf springs which, are usually made from 5160 carbon steel. This steel is highly regarded in the industry and many leading blacksmiths use leaf springs for their custom blades.  Anyone who knows the blade smithing show Forged in Fire will recall many challenges using this steel.

Each blade is hand forged in carbon steel and heat treated to 60 HRC. Everything about these blades is handmade including the handles that are made from local natural materials such as rosewood and ebony.

These blades are absolutely handmade and no two blades are the same.  Each knife has small imperfections such as hammer marks, scratches and different handles etc.  We call this character!

If you prefer a highly polished perfect blade we also have them in our shop.

Watch how the Nhat family produce these amazing knives in the video below.

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