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Sourcing and bringing our customers, quality kitchen knives from around the world.


"To source and bring to our customers, quality kitchen knives from around the world."

As avid home cooks ourselves we wanted to source and bring a range of quality kitchen knives to our customers.  We have knives which are hand forged in Vietnam using reclaimed Russian spring steel in “robust” conditions, beautiful Japanese Damascus steel blades impeccably made in China, to absolutely genuine Japanese made knives with known and respected Japanese brands.


We have a passion for food and travel and have made it a tradition when visiting new countries to immerse ourselves in each country’s food and culture.  If we can, we will take cooking schools to learn all we can about the local food customs and traditions.  We also make sure to visit some of the best food destinations each country has to offer from local street food to Michelin star restaurants.


Wolves are an apex predator and are known for their cooperative and skilled hunting abilities to find food.  However, while wolves might look fierce, they also have a more social, highly advanced expressive and gentle nature.  Wolves live in a family group which usually consists of a pair with their offspring and as their offspring mature, they leave the family group to start their own pack.  They really aren't that much different from us.

But like so many of our beautiful animals, wolf populations around the world are at risk of extinction.


We will continue to test new products from around the world and bring the best of those products to our customers over time.  This will, of course, include those rare pickups we find while travelling.

"Love your products, the best service."   "Great knife, well impressed, will recommend to friends."   "Arrived really quickly and the knife is absolutely amazing."   

"Like butter baby 👌🏽" 

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